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Sam Raimi - IMDb Sam Raimi, Director: Spider-Man. Highly inventive U.S. film director/producer/writer/actor Sam Raimi first came to the attention of film fans with the savage, yet.

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List of Spider-Man titles - Wikipedia Ongoing series Mainstream continuity. Titles currently featuring Spider-Man include: . The Amazing Spider-Man. Vol. 1 #1–441 (March 1963 – November 1998), #500.

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Korean Movie Reviews for 2003: Save the Green Planet. Korean movie reviews from 2003, including The Classic, Save the Green Planet, Memories of Murder, A Tale of Two Sisters, A Good Lawyer's Wife, Spring, Summer, Fall.

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Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man - Wikipedia Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man was an ongoing monthly comic book series published by Marvel Comics that debuted in September 2011 as part of the second re-launch of the.

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Christopher Reeve - IMDb Christopher Reeve, Actor: Superman. Christopher D'Olier Reeve was born September 25, 1952, in New York City, to journalist Barbara Johnson (née Barbara Pitney Lamb.

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Spider-Man | Comics | Bitten by a radioactive spider, high school student Peter Parker gained the speed, strength and powers of a spider. Adopting the name Spider-Man, Peter hoped to start.